Legion Exhibit


Branch 33 of the Royal Canadian Legion, in cooperation with the Bridgetown and Area Historical Society, maintains a military museum in the James House. This museum is dedicated to the memory of local residents and their participation in the Canadian Forces during times of conflict.

The collection includes uniforms of different services, weaponry, a memorial album and a display of awards and medals of one of Bridgetown’s most respected citizens- Colonel G.W. Bullock, O.B.E., E.D., C.E., M.A., D.D.


150th Anniversary Quilt

The quilt was created in 1985 in commemoration of 150 years of the James House. The squares for the quilt were sketched in charcoal by Cluny Mahar. From there the sketches were made into pattern templates and arranged by Marilyn Crawford, who was a professional quilter. The various blocks were then quilted by volunteers and were pieced together here at the James House. The quilters included; Nell Fisher, Marilyn Crawford, Muriel Jefferson, Cora Goodwin, Elva Poole, Margaret Bent, Vivian Hudson, Pam Watson, Susan Murphy, Rose Price, Corinne Brady, Vivian Irving, and Gert Newberry.

The houses and landmarks on the quilt were chosen for their age and notability in the town. The buildings include; the James House, the Phinney house, the Troop Barn, Masonic Hall, Alice Bruce’s house, the Valinda II, the Wheelock House, the Tupperville School, the post office (now town hall), the train station (now End of the Line Pub), the Beckwith house, W.H. Chipman’s house, and the Fisher house. Of the original landmarks, three have been demolished; the Troop barn (May 2009), the Valinda II (sank 1948), and the Phinney house. The quilt presently hangs in the ballroom of the James House Museum.


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