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Formation of the Bridgetown and Area Historical Society

The James House stood vacant for 2 years, 1977 and 1978. It seemed destined to be destroyed to make space for a parking lot in the downtown area. In 1979, public interest grew in saving the property. This prompted the formation of the Bridgetown and Area Historical Society.


In May 1979, Mr. Clyde Everett, a prominent citizen of Bridgetown, felt inspired by this project. He purchased this important landmark and presented it, as a gift to the society. The citizens of Bridgetown being very proud of their historic heritage are preserving the James House as an historic site and it has become the James House Museum. Why don't you become a member?

2016 Board of Directors
Administrator/Curator - Kathy Howland
Treasure r - Carl Blades
Secretary - Bill Goodwin
Roger Belliveau
Gladys Newton
Bill Pitt
Andy Kerr


The Mission of the Bridgetown and Area Historical Society is to preserve, protect, promote and honour the social, cultural, economic, ethnic and architectural history of Bridgetown and locale with the goal of having our collection and our heritage building, the 1835 James House Museum, more accessible, more relevant and more connected to our day to day lives. To this purpose, the society will undertake museum events, outreach events and partnership opportunities for programming when possible.


Our Vision is a community that knows and celebrates its diverse cultural heritage and architecture and works together to build a better future.



The Mandate of the Bridgetown and Area Historical Society is to provoke, and inspire an appreciation of history of Bridgetown and the locale. The society will collect, within reason, items pertaining to local history and to a smaller degree, items pertaining to the James Family and the James House and use pieces from this collection in the James House Museum and maintain the museum building and preserve the collection.


The Society’s objective is to create narratives of the town and area, its origins, how and why it grew and what makes this area such an extraordinary place for many people. The Society will accomplish this by presenting artifacts from our collection at the museum, by creating virtual exhibits and through outside programming for the schools and the general public. One added objective is to make history fun!